Forget Bitcoin for a Second, You Can Snag Some of These Other Digital Currencies for Free Right Now  

Bitcoin’s wild ride has stabilized over the last several months. The price has been hovering around $6,500 after a crazy 2017 saw the grandfather of cryptocurrencies chart a roller coaster ride between $1,000 per Bitcoin and nearly $20,000 each. 

But Bitcoin isn’t the only digital currency around. In fact, there’s a dizzying number of tokens, virtual currencies and the like across a broad spectrum of potential ranging from possibly revolutionary to straight-up scams. 

There are markets for purchasing, selling and trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, but from time-to-time there’s also ways to grab some of that invisible digital cash for free, including a few rather high profile giveaways going down now. 

First up, a new project called Initiative Q aims to accomplish Bitcoin’s original goal of providing an alternative digital currency, something that no cryptocurrency has yet been able to do with any real level of mainstream adoption. The plan is to create a whole new payments network with its own currency, called Q. 

To get things off the ground, people who sign up for the network early are rewarded with free Q that can be used for real payments if and when the network gets off the ground as early as 2021. All it requires is getting invited by someone who has already joined the network and then inviting others to earn more Q.

This setup may be reminiscent of a pyramid scheme, but all that’s required is a name and email; no credit card numbers or fiat currency needed. Initiative Q has pledged that if its payment network fails, it will destroy its database of names and emails.

There’s also a deal on currently that allows you to grab some of a popular cryptocurrency with real world value right now. 

For the experienced or more sophisticated crypto investor, some cryptocurrencies will sometimes give away extra tokens (often referred to as an ‘airdrop’) to current token holders. When new tokens launch in what’s called an initial coin offering (ICO), it’s also common to give away tokens for free or at a discount.

But if you are willing to wade in, there’s often more freebies to be had. If you’re smart and do your homework, it’s still a good time to get in on virtual ground floor.

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