Why We Are Hosting Our Proteges

Why We Are Hosting Our Proteges

Pastor (Dr.) Emmanuel Sunny & Pastor (Mrs.) Esther Ojeagbase Co-Founders, Success Attitude Development Center (SADC),  publishers of Succes

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Pastor (Dr.) Emmanuel Sunny & Pastor (Mrs.) Esther Ojeagbase

Co-Founders, Success Attitude Development Center (SADC),  publishers of SuccessDigest, Nigeria’s No. 1 Life-Changing magazine.


Whatever GOD asks you to do, once you’re convinced He’s the One calling you, don’t hesitate for a moment. Just get up and start doing the thing.

Take the critical first step whether or not you have all the resources you think you will need to carry out the assignment.

He who calls you is faithful, who also will do it. That’s the lesson we learned from 1 Thessalonians 5:24. GOD does not fail those who trust Him and obey His command. He does not put His servants who believe His Word and act on it to shame.

That is the essence of this happy reunion that we are hosting our frontline proteges to, this week’s Friday, August 30, 2019.

It’s to prove the faithfulness of GOD; it’s also to render back unto Him all the glory, honor and adoration that belongs to Him.

I was in an underground train station at King’s Cross Station, London, when I heard GOD call me. It was around 8pm. I had just bought the set of magazines that inspired me to establish SuccessDigest from WH Smith, a chain-store bookseller.

As I was browsing through some of them, which included Entrepreneur and Success magazines, published in the U.S., and debating with myself that we should be able to replicate the ideas in these publications to empower our people in Nigeria, I heard a voice say to me: “You’re ready. You’re ready.”

It was so audible I was forced to look around me to see who was talking to me. I realized that the coach I was in and the next one to it were empty and the one next to them had only two passengers.

I was convinced there and then that I have heard from my Father, the Creator of heaven and the earth. Right there and then, I took the decision to start publishing SuccessDigest.

The next morning, I went out to buy a small tape recorder and captured a song that was put in my mind after I received the call the previous night. Then I went to see Mr. Kayode Soyinka, publisher of Africa Today, in his office. I played back the song to him and announced, “Kayode, that’s the next thing my wife and I are going into.”

When my wife and I meet with our proteges on August 30, the first thing we shall do is to thank the Lord and give Him all the glory, honor and adoration for preserving our lives and changing the story of our lives.

All doubts about our sincerity in establishing our NGO have disappeared. You cannot argue with proofs so evident it has produced collectively billions of naira in real money across the length and breadth of our nation.

So, in appreciation, we shall say joyfully to our Father: “Here am I (we are) and the children whom the Lord has given us! We are for signs and wonders in Israel (Nigeria and all over the world) From the Lord of hosts, who dwells in Mount Zion.” (See Isaiah 8:18).

And right after that is done, we shall turn our attention to what the Lord has called our proteges to join us in doing and which we’ve been doing faithfully: be a blessing to others.

Those watching the live streaming of the event on Facebook and YouTube will hear us talk about what is working in business right now and what is not; why, to paraphrase what Bill Gates said years ago, only two groups of business owners are in existence today: those flourishing online and those struggling offline.

They will also discover, from these collections of brilliant business thinkers — all of who are original Atapata Dides (born without silver spoons in their mouth) — the next big things they could ride on to become financially free.

And, most important of all, how our proteges were able to graduate from the University of Hard Knocks everyone who dare to become an entrepreneur must pass through, which is even harder now that the foretold digital economy is at full bloom.

Fortunately, SuccessDigest magazine has been repositioned to take its readers by the hand and guide them to prosperity in the digital economy.

The publication, which will mark its 25th anniversary next year, is published every week on Monday and it is FREE to download. You can subscribe to get your copy at www.successdigestonline.com/signup

This Friday’s get together will kick off what will become a quarterly event. The 12-protege format, as well as the live streaming, will be retained, giving all our proteges the opportunity to take their turn in giving back to the larger society.

Our agenda will be the same: to show Nigerian youths how to make their way to the top and help in the onerous task of creating a better and prosperous nation that is respected everywhere in the world.

Also every month, except in the month when SuccessDigest Founders are meeting their proteges, SADC Wealth Empowerment Seminars will take the stage. The first one is taking off in October 2019.

Our proteges (or their own proteges) or anyone in our society who desires to empower Nigerian youths on our platform, will be invited to be our guest.

To watch the live streaming video this event on Friday, August 30, 2019, @ 12noon, like Successdigest facebook fan page @ facebook.com/successdigest You will get notified when the live session begins.

Is GOD calling you to do something for Him?

Don’t turn a deaf ear. Jump into that thing right away. He will make sure you succeed at it.

SADC and SuccessDigest are a living testimony. And our proteges are proof that whatever GOD asks you to do, you should do it without hesitation.

Whatever GOD says in His Word that you believe and act on shall surely prosper. None of His Word shall return to Him void. (See Isaiah 55:10-11).

The dream GOD placed in your own hand shall not die in Jesus Name. Amen.

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