Amazon Prime Day 2019: 5 Tips for Finding Great Business Deals

Amazon Prime Day 2019: 5 Tips for Finding Great Business Deals

Amazon Prime Day is a two-day event that will offer sales on millions of products available on Amazon.com. You'll need to be an Amazon Prime subscri

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Amazon Prime Day is a two-day event that will offer sales on millions of products available on Amazon.com. You’ll need to be an Amazon Prime subscriber to take advantage of the offers, but since it only costs $119 per year and includes other perks, like free shipping and access to Amazon’s Prime Video streaming service, I’d say it’s worth the cost.

According to Amazon, the company will be offering deals at different times throughout the day, as well as offers that will extend across the two-day sales event. And in a bid to spoil Amazon’s big event, competing retailers, including Walmart, Target, and Best Buy, are all planning alternative sales of their own to attract shoppers.

Needless to say, Amazon Prime Day 2019 promises to be a bonanza where business owners can save some serious cash on a variety of products. Here’s how you can take advantage of it:

Have a Plan and Scout Your Products

Too often, shoppers get into trouble on big shopping events by not knowing what they want.

Instead, consider the products you might need to boost your business before Amazon Prime Day even starts. Still need that new printer you’ve been putting off buying? Add it to the list. Need a new computer for your assistant? Now’s the time.

Once you have your list of products you want, go to their product pages and write down their prices. That way, on Amazon Prime Day, you can quickly see if the products you want are on sale or if they’re not included in the Prime Day event.

The more you know before the sales event starts, the better.

Buy Early and Often

Amazon has said that while some deals will be running all day, others will be running for both days. Still others, however, will only be available for a short period of time while supplies last.

It’s important, therefore, that you keep checking Amazon’s site early and often. The last thing you want to do is miss a quick deal or one that won’t be available for both days. Keep Amazon.com bookmarked.

Be Sure It’s Really a Deal

Not all sales are equally appealing. And while Amazon Prime Day might have a discount on some of the products you want, you’ll want to be sure that they’re actually good-quality sales.

Over holidays, for instance, retailers often offer steep discounts on everything from computers to appliances. And in some cases, those discounts are far greater than what you’d get on a major shopping event like Amazon Prime Day. Plus, Labor Day is right around corner, and that means more discounts.

So before you click the purchase button, be sure that the deal you’re getting is really a deal. Sure, it’s nice to save a few bucks on a new phone, but can you save even more by waiting for the next big holiday shopping event? Keep that in mind.

Don’t Only Look at Amazon

As discussed, Walmart, Target, Best Buy, and eBay, among others, are all planning to rain on Amazon’s parade with some sales of their own. Indeed, Walmart has already started offering sales on products.

So, while you’re looking for the products you want, consider checking out other places to see if their offers on the devices you want are even better. Amazon will obviously get most of the attention, since its sales event will have the most deals, but you might be surprised by the savings you can get elsewhere.

Don’t Go Overboard

Amazon Prime Day is a fun event that can help you save bundles of cash. But don’t go overboard.

The fact is, we still don’t know how good the sales will be on products and too often, it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of an apparent sale and start buying all kinds of things you don’t need.

Stay pragmatic during the shopping event, evaluate your options, and only buy the products you want and need. Absent that, you could find yourself spending needlessly on products your company will never use.

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