Google My Business Adds New Features for Hotel Profiles

Google My Business Adds New Features for Hotel Profiles

The summer vacation season is drawing to a close, and now is a good time for hotels and other travel destinations to prepare their marketing for the

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The summer vacation season is drawing to a close, and now is a good time for hotels and other travel destinations to prepare their marketing for the holidays. One thing businesses should do is check their Google My Business account to ensure they are using the newest features to promote the company. Last week, Google announced new features for Google My Business that were designed to let hotels showcase amenities and features.

It a quick announcement on Twitter, Google My Business let hotel owners know about a new change that will be beneficial for their marketing. The travel industry can be very competitive, especially in popular tourist destinations. Hotels need to distinguish themselves to help consumers decide where they want to stay. Google’s latest update will make it easier for lodging accommodations to set themselves apart.

Next to the location and the price, the available amenities of a hotel are often the deciding factor when travelers need to pick between two similar choices. Giving hotel owners more flexibility to customize their amenities can make Google My Business more useful for the hotel’s marketing team.

The profiles of hotels on Google My Business had amenities list before this latest update was announced. However, Google provided a summary of the hotel’s amenities, which was pulled automatically based on data from the site. As with any situation where information is scraped from the website, these automatic amenities lists weren’t perfect. Profiles could be missing essential amenities or include services that the hotel didn’t offer.

With the new addition to Google My Business, hotel owners can correct any amenities-related information that is incorrect. Whether the amenities information is outdated or wrong outright, owners of the listings can edit it accordingly. And with the summer vacation season drawing to a close, hotel marketers can use the lull to update their Google My Business profile with a list of amenities that will appeal to travelers who are planning a trip this fall or winter.

The ability to change amenities information can be used to tailor a hotel’s Google My Business profile to a target audience. Rather than relying on an automated listing, marketers can choose which amenities they want to list. Depending on the target demographic, some amenities will be more important than others. Marketers can highlight amenities that draw in customers while skipping over features that people already assume that a hotel has.

Marketers could even try experiments with the amenities lists to see if a particular combination of listed features has a significant effect on how many people learn about the hotel through Google My Business. Similarly, you can test to see if different amenities list affect how many people make a reservation after visiting the Google My Business profile.

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