How to Relieve Employee Stress for Heightened Productivity

How to Relieve Employee Stress for Heightened Productivity

By Chris Christoff, co-founder of MonsterInsights Have you noticed a slump amongst your team members lately? Are they lacking motiv

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By Chris Christoff, co-founder of MonsterInsights

Have you noticed a slump amongst your team members lately? Are they lacking motivation and therefore not producing work that reflects their full potential? Occupational stress can be the center of all sorts of problems, including lower productivity and negative moods. If it’s regularly occurring, it can also lead to more serious long-term symptoms that are physical, emotional and mental.

According to researchers at King’s College London, chronic strains of negative thoughts restrict the brain’s ability to think, reason, and form memories. If employees are continuously stressed while on the job, it will be much more difficult to work productively and efficiently. That’s why it’s essential to know how to relieve their stress and make them feel at ease.

Here are a few ways you can help your team members feel better at work.

Establish open communication.

As the leader in charge of your business, communication skills are a must-have. You need to be able to effectively speak to customers, team members, clients, vendors and much more. Unfortunately, too few bosses take the time to understand what good communication entails, and as a result, their workspaces end up disorganized and full of people who’d rather not be there.

Be the leader you would want to have and establish an open communication policy from the very beginning, including how to resolve conflict and take constructive criticism. As soon as you onboard an employee, make it clear that you will be transparent with them and they should do the same so that everyone is on the same page.

Take the team offsite.

Being in the same environment day after day would get monotonous for anyone. It’s no wonder so many employees feel their creativity is stumped after a long workday. They have to look at the same scene five days a week.

Break the monotony by stepping out of the office and doing something totally unrelated. Many companies take their colleagues out for weekly lunches and some plan activities like going to the park or grabbing a drink. It doesn’t really matter what you do as long as you change the pace and let everyone recharge their batteries. This is also a great way for employees to bond with one another since the pressure of work life is off their shoulders in a new environment.

Offer flexibility.

More and more people are abandoning the 9-to-5 and embracing the flexibility of working from home or the local coffee shop. With technology continuing to rise, the need to stay stationary in an office five days a week is no longer a requirement for many companies, and this could affect employees’ levels of work-related stress.

If you have the resources to offer your team flexible work hours, do it. Perhaps those with children in school can leave a few hours early to pick up their kids or work from home a few days a week. This kind of leeway shows your team that you trust their work ethic and dedication, and in turn, they will give back in the quality of their work.

Recognize hard work.

Perhaps you appreciate your team’s hard work and dedication to their job, but do you vocalize it? It’s not enough to think that someone is a good worker; you need to tell them. Better yet, show them. Many businesses have an employee of the month to recognize specific people on the team who have shown extra effort and positivity and spread it throughout the company.

Sometimes, a bonus is involved. Maybe you throw a surprise party for someone who always goes the extra mile and has helped your brand reach a milestone. When employees have a positive rapport with their workplace and understand that their efforts are noticed, they will feel inclined to do even more.

If you want your business functioning at its full potential, pay attention to how your employees are doing. The better they feel at work, the better they’ll perform and work productively so that your brand sees the best results possible. It’s not difficult to let your team know their health matters and their efforts are appreciated, so take the time to come up with new ways to show them you’re proud to have them on your team. Those gestures will go a long way.

Chris Christoff is the co-founder of MonsterInsights, the leading WordPress plugin for Google Analytics.

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