Imagine YourSelf In A Room Dr Emmanuel Ojeagbase Is Being Grilled

For the first time ever, the publisher of Success Digest, Pst. (Dr.) Emmanuel Ojeagbase will be interviewed live, by his mentees, and you have the chance to be there…

Absolutely FREE!

Dr. Ojeagbase agreed to be put on the spot by Akin Alabi, Ronald Nzimora, Toye Oyeleke, Toyin Omotoso, and Olatunde Samson and share the same success secrets he taught them that catapulted them from mediocrity to business success.

Here are some of the lessons he will be sharing with you.

The great thing about this is that you do not have to leave the comfort of your home or office as this will be done 100% online. All you need to join is a Youtube link.

This is the first time ever we will be doing this and maybe the last. The reason is gathering these super successful, upwardly mobile young mentees in one room, not to mention working with Dr. Ojeagbase’s time, is almost a feat that is unlikely to be repeated.

It’s your one and only chance.

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