Indeed Just Announced the 50 Top-Rated Workplaces for 2019 (Is Your Company on the List?)

Indeed Just Announced the 50 Top-Rated Workplaces for 2019 (Is Your Company on the List?)

While the companies on Indeed's list are remarkably diverse--technology, airlines, financial, retail, consumer products, restaurants, pharmaceutica

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While the companies on Indeed’s list are remarkably diverse–technology, airlines, financial, retail, consumer products, restaurants, pharmaceuticals, and more–Indeed found that there’s one thing these top-rated companies have in common: fun.

According to Indeed:

One recurring theme this year among employee reviews seems to be the importance of an enjoyable work environment–whether that environment is fun, supportive, true to its company values or all of the above. In fact, a positive work environment leads to more engaged workers, and more engaged workers create a 20 percent increase in productivity and are 90 percent more likely to stay with their current companies.

Says Indeed SVP, Paul D’Arcy. “Each of these companies have shown the importance of valuing their teams’ specific needs to create a desirable and productive work environment.”

Here is Indeed’s list of 50 Top-Rated Workplaces for 2019–is your company on it?

4. Live Nation

6. Costco Wholesale

8. eBay Inc.

10. Johnson & Johnson

11. Bristol-Myers Squibb

12. Salesforce

13. Fannie Mae

14. Eli Lilly

15. JetBlue Airways

16. Freeport McMoRan

17. Fluor Corp.

20. Capital One

23. Booz Allen Hamilton

24. Charles Schwab

25. Viacom

26. Southern Company

27. NextEra Energy

28. Publix

29. Land O’Lakes

30. Motorola Solutions

31. Pfizer, Inc.

32. Lockheed Martin

35. ConocoPhillips

36. American Express

37. Applied Materials

38. DTE Energy

39. Best Buy

40. Boston Scientific

41. Northrop Grumman

42. Discover Financial Services

43. BlackRock

44. Darden Restaurants

45. MGM Resorts International

46. Hilton

47. Edward Jones

48. Marriott International

49. Foot Locker

Published on: Jul 16, 2019

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