The iPhone Pro Could Be the Big Hit Apple Needs. Here’s What to Anticipate This Fall

The iPhone Pro Could Be the Big Hit Apple Needs. Here’s What to Anticipate This Fall

It's already no longer a secret that Apple is planning to launch a series of new products in the first half of September, but now Bloomberg is

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It’s already no longer a secret that Apple is planning to launch a series of new products in the first half of September, but now Bloomberg is reporting exactly what sources close to Apple say might be on the way at its next product launch. If you’re looking forward to new iPhones, and iPads, or even a larger MacBook Pros, here’s what to expect in the next few weeks and months:

iPhone Pro 

There are no shortages of rumors surrounding the upcoming iPhone 11 family of devices. The only thing we really know is that they’ll replace the XR, XS, and XS Max models from last year. In addition, here are a few of the things that Bloomberg says that its source confirmed:

  • Two of the new iPhone models will carry the “Pro” name with a focus on photography. These will include the new camera layout with three lenses including a wide-angle lens.

  • May include new shatter-resistance technology to help with drops along with a new matte finish on some color options.

  • All models expected to support USB-C charging rather than the proprietary Lightning port.

According to Bloomberg’s report, here’s what else you can anticipate this fall:


The biggest news with iPads is that there will no longer be a 9.7-inch screen on the entry-level model, with that size bumping up to 10.2-inches. The iPad Pro is expected to remain the same form factor, but include the triple-camera layout and technology from the iPhone Pro, as well as the next generation of mobile processors.

MacBook Pro

The biggest news here (no pun intended) is that the company appears to be planning to launch a 16-inch display model that retains the same overall size as the current 15-inch model with smaller bezels. A larger screen in a device that maintains the same overall size would be a big win for creatives like designers, video editors, and photographers. 

Apple Watch and AirPods

Apple’s wearables category is easily one of its most important right now. In fact, the AirPods are the second-fastest growing product Apple has ever launched. The series 5 watch will likely retain the same form factor and design as the series 4, but will add colored finishes. The biggest changes for the Watch will come from watchOS 6, which–among other new features–will allow users to download apps directly from their wrist, without having to use an iPhone.

Apple needs a hit.

Apple still sells plenty of devices and smartphones, but growth–especially with iPhone sales–has stalled. Part of that is due to the fact that other than pre-teen daughters who bother their father about getting them the newest iPhone (speaking from experience there, ahem), there are few people interested in smartphones who don’t already have one. 

That means that Apple is counting on this year’s slate of upgrades to drive sales moving into the most important sales period of the year. Can the iPhone Pro do that? Only if “Pro” is more than just a name slapped on something we’ve already seen before. 

By the way–and it’s hard to believe I’m even suggesting this– you don’t actually have to upgrade just because something new comes out. I have an iPhone XR, and it’ll work just as well in three weeks as it does today. I have an 11-inch iPad Pro that is capable of doing any kind of work I throw at it, and that’ll still be true at the end of next month even if Apple introduces a new model.

Which is exactly why Apple needs a hit this fall. 

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