These 6 Gadgets Are a Must for Working From Anywhere

These 6 Gadgets Are a Must for Working From Anywhere

I work from a lot of interesting places. Right now, I'm sitting in an airport, writing this on my iPad Pro. Sometimes I work at my kitchen table or

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I work from a lot of interesting places. Right now, I’m sitting in an airport, writing this on my iPad Pro. Sometimes I work at my kitchen table or my office, but honestly–you’re just as likely to find me in a coffee shop or a hotel somewhere when I’m traveling.

Being productive while working anywhere is one of those things that sounds great but can be a little overwhelming if you’re not prepared. What do I need? What if I forget something? How will I stay connected to my team? Fortunately, there are some gadgets that will help you get more done no matter where you end up working. 

Here are five gadgets that will help you get work done wherever you are:

1. iPad Pro

I’ve said it before, but for anyone who works remotely or travels a lot, the iPad Pro is probably the most versatile (and maybe even the most powerful) device you can use to get work done. Unless you plan to edit video in the field (in which case, get the 13-inch MacBook Pro), the iPad is probably as much computer as you’ll need.

iPadOS is coming very soon, and it completely changes what you expect from a tablet computer and makes the iPad Pro a real work-capable laptop replacement. There’s also a new model likely coming this fall. Plus, the battery lasts way longer than your laptop–and when you’re traveling, you can pick it up and stream your favorite Netflix show, or get caught up on your favorite book. 

2. Sony WH-1000XM3 Wireless Headphones

I’m a big fan of wireless earbuds, but for real noise cancellation, you need something that sits outside your ear. The popular answer is always the Bose QuietComfort 35 II, and don’t get me wrong, they are probably the most comfortable pair of headphones you can find. But, other than the name, the Sonys are a better pair in almost every other way. They’ll set you back the same $299, but they sound better, have better noise-cancellation, and will last you more than a full day. 

3. Apple Magic Mouse 2

If you’re still using a laptop (and not an iPad Pro), there are times when using a mouse is just better than a trackpad. And I get it, if you’re sitting at your desk, there are probably better overall options, but whether you’re on a Mac or a PC, the Magic Mouse has a few benefits that are hard to match.

First, it’s slim–like really slim–meaning it fits in basically any pocket in your laptop bag. Second, the rechargeable battery lasts an entire work trip. But the real benefit is the intuitive multitouch gestures which make it effortless to swipe, tap, zoom, or scroll your way through pretty much any work. 

4. Apple Watch

If you don’t already have an Apple Watch, you’ll probably be able to get a great deal on the Series 4 in a few weeks when Apple is all-but-guaranteed to introduce the Series 5. Why is the Apple Watch such an important gadget for getting work done anywhere? Because it keeps me connected to my reminders, calendar, and Siri.

The gentle nudge on my wrist helps me remember where I’m supposed to be–and when. It also syncs effortlessly with my favorite in-ear earbuds, the AirPods 2, which means I can listen to my favorite playlist or podcast, or even take phone calls without having to get out my iPhone. 

5. iPhone XR

Honestly, choose your favorite smartphone. I use an iPhone XR, and there are plenty of reasons I like it, but for getting work done, the reason is simple: it gives me access to pretty much everything I need to stay connected.

My iPhone is where I use Slack for staying in touch, Evernote for keeping notes and research–as well as scanning documents with the iPhone’s camera, Dropbox for accessing all of my files, along with ApplePay for paying for stuff as often as I can. I also use it to manage email, social media, and find directions to my next meeting. If you’re an Android user, you can pretty much do all those things as well, but I’m a big fan of my XR.

6. Moleskine Notebook and Pilot G2 Pen

I know, technically these aren’t “gadgets,” but they’re still essential for getting work done anywhere. As portable and flexible as my iPad Pro is, there’s still nothing like putting pen on paper for taking notes, capturing ideas, or simply making to-do lists. In fact, a pen and notebook are probably the most valuable tool on this list for staying productive.

I really like the simple Moleskine Notebook, though I often go back-and-forth between it and a Leuchtturm1917, which has a grid, and is especially great for managing projects and task lists. For a pen, I’m a fan of the Pilot G2. There’s literally nothing special about these except I really like how they write and you can find them everywhere. Which is especially helpful when you want to work from anywhere.

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