These Apps and Tools Will Make You an Extremely Successful Remote Worker

These Apps and Tools Will Make You an Extremely Successful Remote Worker

Being a remote worker comes with a lot of perks, but it pretty much falls on you--and only you!--to motivate yourself to be productive and

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Being a remote worker comes with a lot of perks, but it pretty much falls on you–and only you!–to motivate yourself to be productive and organized. But while you’re flying solo as a your own boss, you’ve got a ton of support in the form of apps and digital tools that can fully support your location-free lifestyle. 

At Masthead Media, the content marketing company I co-founded, our freelance creatives work remotely from every corner of the world. Each person is responsible for hitting their deadlines–on the client’s timezone–and staying focused even when they are steps away from quaint cobblestone streets or sandy beaches.  

Many of our top talent use digital tools that help them boost their productivity and communicate with other team members no matter where they are. These 4 road-tested tools and apps could ensure you a little more freedom–and a more productive workday–in 2020.

Are you tired of trying to figure out who can meet–and when–across different time zones? Use Doodle to create a poll asking team members when they are available to meet. 

Simply send your shareable Doodle URL to your team or clients and end those endless email threads.

You can also use Doodle to enable clients to schedule 1:1s with you without needing to discuss availability. After you send a link, the program will show your open time slots and your contact can choose a time that works for them. Your availability will update automatically when slots are filled. 

It’s hard to put your head down and get to work when you keep traveling to new exciting cities. Croissant is a coworking app that gives you access to coworking spaces all over the world with one flexible monthly membership. 

Finding the perfect coworking space everywhere you go will help you stay productive and keep your creative juices flowing. You’ll even meet other creatives and entrepreneurs to bounce ideas off of and discuss business. 

Dealing with different time zones and schedules can be chaotic–especially when your team is located on opposite sides of the world.  

The solution to many project management and communication woes is Asana. The tool helps keep track of projects and daily tasks all in one space. You can assign tasks to team members, share related files and comments, and set priorities and deadlines. 

You can also follow projects and tasks through every stage to make sure your team is on track and everyone is hitting their milestones. 

Your workflows will be simplified with automation, and you’ll get to see a visual project plan to eliminate roadblocks and identify risks before they manifest. 

We’ve all dealt with the dreaded back-and-forth email thread that goes on for days and produces little to no results. Messaging platform, Slack, helps streamline conversations no matter where you are in the world. 

Instant messaging allows for communication and file sharing between team members in real-time. Voice and video calls (with screen sharing capability) can take place directly within Slack. 

To keep conversations team-oriented, move instant messaging into channels like “marketing” or “sales.” Or there is always the option of direct messaging for private conversations. 

If your team is small, you can opt for the free version of Slack to communicate. 

Which apps and tools help you work remotely? Feel free to share in the comments below!

Published on: Jan 9, 2020

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