Why Every Entrepreneur Should Take A Vacation Right Now

Why Every Entrepreneur Should Take A Vacation Right Now

While on this trip I realized that the goal of taking time off and getting away isn't to escape from the life you have. Rather, the goal is to exper

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While on this trip I realized that the goal of taking time off and getting away isn’t to escape from the life you have. Rather, the goal is to experience something completely new to come back even better than you did before.

Here are three reasons why you should take a vacation right now and turn it into an intentional tool to come back with more.

1. Create contrast within your life to see more clearly.

Traveling can be a simple tool to create the contrast necessary to allow yourself to see things you have always known but through a completely different lens.  

Perhaps you are traveling with a familiar person but, in a different environment, you get to see an entirely new part of them. Or maybe you realize you have the same thought patterns and feelings but they are being caused by entirely new circumstances.  

When you see your normal circumstances through a different vantage point you will be faced with truths that are often overlooked.  

2. Find inspiration for new ideas.

Phil Night, the founder of Nike, set out on a trip around the world after graduating from school. On this trip, he stopped in Tokyo where he found inspiration and a manufacturer to produce the first Nike running shoes. When you allow yourself to be immersed in new cultures inspiration will be knocking at your doorstep.

Different countries and cultures provide their own unique designs, methods, and ways of viewing services and products. When in Italy, I was reminded of the value and mindful experience coffee has within European culture. This inspired a new spark within my coffee business that I know wouldn’t have been found in a cafe at home.

Take a chance and be open to inspiration.

3. Stop taking things for granted–including yourself.

It really is the simple things and the small moments where the greatest level of gratitude can flow throughout your day. Traveling is a wonderful way to be reminded of this. You will fill with an appreciation for what you have, or gain the clarity needed to create something far better.

When you travel you may find yourself out of your comfort zone bartering with someone for an antique, ordering coffee in a new language, or agreeing to go shark diving. When this happens, you discover new traits to appreciate and love within yourself. This transforms how you can show up for the people, and your business when you return.  

While working as an entrepreneur it can be easy to become consumed by your business, and it is always important to take a step back and appreciate what you are building and who you are.

Don’t take vacations to escape and get away, take them to connect more deeply back with what has always been. When you have a life fueled by intention, you have a life you never need to escape.

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